17 June 2015

Special issue published: "Engineering Management for Enhancing Synergies in Collaborative Environments"

International Journal of Engineering Management and Economics 5(1/2) 2015
  • Justice and emotions in service recovery: a complaint in B2C e-commerce
  • A systematic approach for the analysis of the economic viability of investment projects
  • Improving the collaborative network performance through the activation of compatible strategies
  • A multiobjective fuzzy model for selecting and planning a project portfolio in a public organisation
  • INDITEX, a model company in the implementation of sustainable human resource management
  • Using inter-enterprise architecture as an instrument for decision-making under the arrival of unexpected events in hierarchical production planning
  • Supply chain integration, a key strategic capability for improving product and service value propositions: empirical evidence
  • Brief analysis of the discovery of America as a success case for the project stakeholder management
  • The new technology-based firm profile required for a delimitation of its definition in empirical studies
  • Implementing a lean production system on a food company: a case study

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