24 June 2015

Free sample articles newly available from Int. Journal of Human Resources Development and Management

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management are now available here for free:
  • From desert to destiny: knowledge, attitudes and practices of Saudi Arabian leadership
  • Increasing workforce productivity: smarter people and machines
  • Organisational commitment of women working in leadership positions in Saudi Arabia
  • Leadership behaviour and employee engagement: a Kuwaiti services company
  • Knowledge sharing attitude and behaviour in Saudi Arabian organisations: why trust matters
  • Influences of emotional intelligence on transformational leadership and leader-member exchange in Kuwait
  • Knowledge-based economic development as a unifying vision in a post-awakening Arab World
  • Impact of organisational justice on work outcomes in the pharmaceutical industry in Kuwait
  • Looking beyond the shores: emerging HRM and HRD trends in the Middle East

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