19 June 2015

Special issue published: "Smart Materials and Intelligent Devices"

International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials 5(4) 2014
  • Impact of dual material gate and lateral asymmetric channel in GS-DG-MOSFET
  • Delay analysis of ultra high speed InAlAs/InGaAs high electron mobility transistor
  • Investigation on tensile behaviour of gongura fibre made hybrid polymer matrix composite
  • Microstructure simulation of Ti-6Al-4V biomaterial produced by electron beam additive manufacturing process
  • Effect of Sb addition on optical properties change in As40Se60 chalcogenide thin films
  • Influence of atomic layer deposited coatings for MEMS applications: a review
  • Performance evaluation of multi-junction solar cell with a new InGaP tunnel junction
  • Energy transfer to piezoelectric component through magnetic resonant coupling
  • Thickness dependent microstructure of ZnO films prepared by spin coating technique

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