5 June 2010

Special issue: New structures and new analysis methods

International Journal of Structural Engineering 1(3/4) 2010
  • Some issues on the design and analysis of pneumatic structures
  • Overall stiffness evaluation and shape optimisation of a tensegric structure
  • Composite stressed skin roofs for liquid design architecture
  • A review on conceptual design with morphological indicators
  • A bi-stable rolling hinge for variable geometry structures
  • Experiment and non-linear analysis of stainless steel columns having variable cross-sections
  • Free vibration analysis of multi-layered beam members including the effect of interlayer slip
  • Representation of connection behaviour for progressive collapse response
  • Renaissance of paper models and folded plate structures in glass
  • Scissor-hinged retractable membrane structures
  • Recent advances in configurations in spatial structures

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