5 June 2010

Special issue: Generation C wireless networks

International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems 3(3) 2010

Papers from 1st IEEE International Workshop on Generation C Wireless Networks (GenCWiNets’08) and 1st IEEE International Workshop on Information and Data Assurance (WIDA’08) held in conjunction with 27th IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference(IPCCC 2008) in Austin, Texas, USA, 7-9 December 2008.
  • Data filtering and dynamic sensing for continuous monitoring in wireless sensor networks
  • An S2P-based resource discovery mechanism for tuple-based pervasive systems
  • Exploring load balancing in heterogeneous networks by rate distribution
  • Universal classifier and synchroniser
  • A comparison of keying methods in the Hubenko architecture as applied to wireless sensor networks

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