5 June 2010

Special issue: Modelling and analysis of supply chain network

International Journal of Services, Economics and Management 2(3/4) 2010
  • A conceptual framework for presenting and promoting human resource knowledge sharing in the supply chain as a social network
  • A multi-product lot size in make-to-order supply chain using discrete event simulation and response surface methodology
  • Literature review of covering problem in operations management
  • Aggregating performance measures of a multi-echelon supply chain using the analytical network and analytical hierarchy process
  • Research on job integration of multi-agent in multimodal transportation with time windows
  • Selection of partner companies in extended enterprise using fuzzy AHP
  • Ant colony optimisation based heuristic for one-sided time constraint vehicle routing problem
  • A decision-making framework for the selection of third-party reverse logistics provider
  • A DNA-based algorithm for capacitated vehicle routing problem using temperature gradient technique
  • Analysis of time delays for loss reduction in an automobile components manufacturing organisation using a proactive supply chain risk management model
  • A meta-heuristic for design of a capacitated production/inventory system

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