4 June 2020

Special issue published: "Lightweight Solutions for Cyberspace Security: Research Advances and Challenges"

  • Design of an outdoor position certification authority
  • Decentralised control-based interaction framework for secure data transmission in internet of automated vehicles
  • An experimental estimate of the impact produced on PNU by new generation video codecs
  • Lightweight and efficient approach for multi-secret steganography
  • A survey on screenlogger attacks as well as countermeasures
  • Secure RGB image steganography based on modified LSB substitution
  • Modelling performances of an autonomic router running under attack
  • Research on intelligent obstacle avoidance control method for mobile robot in multi-barrier environment
  • Heuristic approach to minimise the energy consumption of sensors in cloud environment for wireless body area network applications
  • Mass internet of things data security exchange model under heterogeneous environment
  • Tracking algorithm of weak disturbance signal under multi-device interference in internet of things
  • A channel matching scheme for cross-chain
  • A novel algorithm for TOP-K optimal path on complex multiple attribute graph
  • A novel Monte Carlo-based neural network model for electricity load forecasting
  • A novel localised network coding-based overhearing strategy
  • An algorithm for determining data forwarding strategy based on recommended trust value in MANET
  • Hierarchical bucket tree: an efficient account structure for blockchain-based system

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