2 June 2020

Special issue on: "Sustainable Networking, Cloud and Wireless Systems"

International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations 22(4) 2020

  • An effective performance of dynamic and ad-hoc on-demand routing protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks under NS environment
  • Using MLPA for smart mushroom farm monitoring system based on IoT
  • SCM: secured communication model for urban VANET applications
  • A multi-objective EBCO-TS algorithm for efficient task scheduling in mobile cloud computing
  • Virtual resource auction based on Bayesian incentive strategy in large-scale clouds
  • An efficient cache management algorithm for streaming workloads
  • Energy efficient dynamic clustering routing protocol in underwater wireless sensor networks
  • Light weight security scheme in wireless body area sensor network using logistic chaotic scheme
  • A novel evolutionary algorithm (MFO) with rate monotonic scheduling for load balancing in LTE advanced networks
  • Petri net model for resource scheduling with auto scaling in elastic cloud

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