15 June 2020

Special issue published: "21st Century Manufacturing"

  • Mass production strategy for additive manufacturing by stacking the product at design phase
  • Teaching leadership in additive manufacturing: doing the right thing, before doing it right
  • Phantom holes: optimised internal structural design for use with additive manufacturing, typical fused filament fabrication systems
  • A smart decision making tool for cleaning process planning in remanufacturing
  • A comparison framework to support the selection of the best additive manufacturing process for specific aerospace applications
  • Experimental and numerical investigation on the effect of layer thickness during laser powder-bed fusion of stainless steel 17-4PH
  • A statistical approach for process optimisation of digital light processing 3D printing process
  • Investigation of the tensile properties in fibre-reinforced additive manufacturing and fused filament fabrication
  • Power consumption investigation for fused filament fabricated specimen

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