2 June 2020

Special issue published: "Intelligent Computation Systems – Part I"

International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms 16(3/4) 2020

  • Automated transformation of NL to OCL constraints via SBVR
  • Study of skin flow motion pattern using photoplethysmogram
  • Incorporating security in opportunistic routing and traffic management in opportunistic sensor network
  • Improving reliability in MAS by rule-based logic and cryptographic techniques
  • THD minimisation using genetic algorithm on the nine-level multilevel inverters
  • Simulink implementation of RLS algorithm for resilient artefacts removal in ECG signal
  • Semantic linkage of source content dynamically with virtual documents using Wikipedia in Hadoop
  • A novel system for early detection of breast cancer using area and entropy features of malignant tumour
  • Threshold algorithm for the cell formation problem
  • Support vector machine-based proactive fault-tolerant scheduling for grid computing environment
  • Automatic classification for preventing duplication of online multimedia data in secure cloud infrastructure
  • Breast cancer diagnosis using a Minkowski distance method based on mutual information and genetic algorithm

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