28 March 2018

Special section published: "Renewable Energy Technology, Business and Policy"

International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy 14(2/3) 2018
  • Optimal power flow solution considering wind integration using dance bee colony with dynamic step
  • A methodology for the technical and financial implementation of photovoltaic technology in Choc√≥, Colombia
  • Scheduling and optimisation of refinery operations under fluctuating bitumen demand
  • Multi-method approach for the comparative analysis of solar and wind energy industry structures in Germany and Iran
  • National features for alternative motor fuels market
  • How to make better energy policy decisions? The stock and flow perspective
  • Influence of fiscal regime adjustment on investment climate of marginal oil fields in Malaysia: a scenario analysis
  • Enhancing low-carbon economic growth by renewable energy uptake in countries with per capita gross domestic product between 10 and 20 kUSD
  • Renewable energy and sustainable economic growth of Rwanda: energy policy implications
  • A service-based business model for rapid diffusion of solar water heaters in India
  • Influence of technological improvement and adoption rate of biogas industry on greenhouse gas footprint of the energy system of Poland between 2000 and 2100

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