2 March 2018

Special issue published: "Recent Trends in Reasoning-Based Intelligence Systems"

International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems 9(3/4) 2017
  • Cluster analysis algorithm based on key data integration for cloud computing
  • Parallel cluster analysis of multi city congestion based on spatial temporal potential correction in mobile phone APP
  • Cloud computing resource scheduling and leasing algorithm based on extreme price filter
  • Training project arrangement for tennis athletes based on BP neural network model
  • Two echelon supply chain model of agricultural products based on stochastic fuzzy process of cost demand
  • Parameter tuning of boiler thermal process based on SVM neural net optimisation
  • Design of human-computer interaction interface considering user friendliness
  • Complex electromechanical system condition monitoring based on improved particle swarm optimisation RBF for audio visual fusion
  • Algorithm of key data ensemble clustering and approximate analysis in cloud computing
  • Prediction and optimal allocation of agricultural non-point source pollution based on chaos theory
  • Image watermarking algorithm based on DCT and Arnold transform
  • Harmonic analysis and detection of power system based on double moment wavelet transform
  • A knowledge graph-based content selection model for data-driven text generation

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