29 March 2018

Special issue published: "Advances in Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research"

International Journal of Precision Technology 7(2/3/4) 2017
  • Experimental investigation of surface roughness in high-speed micro end milling of near alpha titanium alloy
  • Influence of wire electrochemical machining parameters during fabrication of micro features
  • Fabrication and testing of silicon-based microchannel heat exchanger inspired by leaf venation pattern for electronic cooling
  • A thermo temporal model of pulsed laser ablation of copper coated thin films on a polyimide substrate
  • Investigations of laser microwelding using low power fibre laser for thin 304 stainless steel sheets
  • Machining guidelines for fabricating microgrooves of varied cross-sections by electrochemical micromachining
  • Multi-objective optimisation of electrochemical micro drilling of titanium alloy
  • Comparison of machining performance of hole-sinking micro-EDM without and with ultrasonic vibration on titanium alloy
  • Micro hole fabrication on quartz using ultrasonic micromachining process
  • Multi-performance optimisation of micro electro-discharge machining during deep micro-slots fabrication using foil tool electrode

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