15 March 2018

Special issue published: "Powertrains Modelling and Control" (includes two free full-text articles)

International Journal of Powertrains 7(1/2/3) 2018
  • Analysis and design exploration of single stage compound stepped planetary gear transmissions
  • Dynamic modelling of the turbocharged gasoline direct injection air-path using mean value and linear parameter varying models
  • A numerical study of intake valve jet flapping in a gasoline direct injection engine
  • Predictive control of commercial e-vehicle using a priori route information
  • Effect of radial turbo-expander design on off-highway vehicle organic Rankine cycle system efficiency
  • Structural analysis and topology optimisation of an aftercooler cover for weight reduction in off-highway engine application
  • Design of experiments to generate a fuel cell electro-thermal performance map and optimise transitional pathways
  • Design optimisation for an additively manufactured automotive component [open access free full-text access]
  • Microgeometrical tooth profile modification influencing efficiency of planetary hub gears
  • A study of transient over-fuelling during heavy knock in an optical spark ignition engine
  • A study into different cell-level cooling strategies for cylindrical lithium-ion cells in automotive applications [open access free full-text access]
  • A hardware-in-the-loop test rig for development of electric vehicle battery identification and state estimation algorithms
  • Upgrading conventional cars to solar hybrid vehicles

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