2 October 2013

Call for papers: "Network Management and Monitoring"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Space-Based and Situated Computing.

The last decade has seen revolutionary evolution in telecommunications (3G/4G, LTE, etc.), mobile networks (MANETs, sensors, Wifi, etc.), Internet of Things, etc. While deploying, configuring, operating and managing such networks is today costly and time consuming, it is expected to drastically become even more so in the near future.

These networks tend to converge and to interwork within their own contexts and new interoperability standards. However, while there are many advantages in providing such ‘hybrid’ networks, their management, configuration and validation need to be addressed. Although some methodologies and tools are already established for this purpose in wired telecommunication networks, the dynamicity, heterogeneity and complexity of these new networks make the monitoring and validation of their components much more complex.

Low-level interfaces on a per-device basis are currently used for the management of networks. Nevertheless, in these large-scale heterogeneous mobile networks, such interfaces become tough to reach, configure and control. Furthermore, many of the existing approaches lack controllability, scalability and testability in operational networks. Similarly, existing end-to-end monitoring applications usually depend on low-level network activity information such as MIB parameters, interface logs, traffic counters or signatures.

Therefore, a major challenge is the way of monitoring these distributed outputs to provide a global knowledge of real-time network operations and then efficiently managing these next-generation networks.

This special issue is an opportunity for researchers and industry experts to present their novel and innovative methodologies, techniques, tools and real-life experiences concerning next-generation network management and monitoring.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Formal models for network management
  • Runtime monitoring analysis
  • Monitoring and passive testing
  • Automatic and adaptive control of networks
  • Algorithms and protocols for distributed monitoring and threshold detection
  • Adaptive management protocols
  • Analysis of tradeoffs between performance, availability and security
  • Non-intrusive network instrumentation for monitoring and control
  • Resource management of multi-access networks
  • Future internet architectures for mobile network management
  • Wireless cognitive network management
  • Mobile network management and virtualisation
  • Software engineering methodologies
  • Scalable management approaches
  • Management of application overlays and peer-to-peer services
  • Network management standards
  • Testbed, experimental and industrial evaluations

Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 15 January, 2014
First round of reviews: 15 April, 2014
Revised versions due: 15 May, 2014
Second round of reviews and final notifications: 15 June, 2014
Final versions due: 30 June, 2014

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