1 September 2010

Special issue: Grid computing

International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems 5(3) 2010

Includes papers from the First International Workshop on Grid Computing (GridCom-2009) held in Rabat, Morocco, 10-13 May 2009.
  • Meta-learning in grid-based data mining systems
  • Multi-agent distributed adaptive resource allocation (MADARA)
  • Optical grid networking exploiting path computation element (PCE) architecture
  • Secure communication between grid domains based on trust relationships and group keys
  • User behaviour trust model to defend denial of service attacks in distributed computational environments
  • An efficient layered security framework for protecting network layer operations in mobile ad hoc networks
  • VisualGrid: enabling runtime applications monitoring in grid environments
  • An effective compaction strategy for bi-criteria DAG scheduling in grids

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