22 September 2010

Special issue: Adaptive neural control techniques with engineering applications

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 11(1/2) 2010
  • DSC approach to robust adaptive NN tracking control for a class of MIMO systems
  • Observer-based stabilisation of some non-linear non-minimum phase systems using neural network
  • RBF networks based approximate decoupling controller
  • Robust stabilising controller synthesis for discrete-time recurrent neural networks via state feedback
  • State feedback linearisation-based neural network adaptive controller for a class of uncertain SISO non-linear systems
  • System identification using the neural-extended Kalman filter for state-estimation and controller modification
  • Inferential control with the aid of modified QPLS-based soft sensor for an industrial FCCU fractionator
  • Use of a neural-network-based approach for a reliable modelling of a distillation column
  • Neural networks modelling and generalised predictive control for an autonomous underwater vehicle
  • Neural network-based robust control for hypersonic flight vehicle with uncertainty modelling
  • Robust design of bipolar wave cellular neural network with applications
  • Neural network based iterative learning control for product qualities in batch processes
  • Building neural network-based behaviour systems for emotion-based pet robots
  • Neural network PID control for a water level system
  • Tracking control of robot manipulators based on orthogonal neural network

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