13 September 2010

Special issue: Emerging issues in development and sectoral performance – the Indian experience

International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies 3(3) 2010

Includes papers from the conference track Quantitative Approaches to Public Policy - in honour of Professor T. Krishna Kumar - at the Fourth Annual International Conference on Public Policy and Management, held in Bangalore, India, 9-12 August 2009.
  • Progress in human development: Are we on the right path?
  • Policy making in India for rural development: data base and indicators for transparency and accountability
  • Contract labour act in India: a pragmatic view
  • Effect of trade liberalisation on volatility: the experience of Indian agriculture
  • Firm specific management decisions on Total Factor Productivity Growth in Indian electronics industry during liberalisation
  • Measurement of GVA in Indian banks: some preliminary results

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