22 September 2010

Special issue: Bridging of material length scales

International Journal of Materials and Structural Integrity 4(2-4) 2010
  • Two-scale modelling of effects of microstructure and thermomechanical properties on dynamic performance of an aluminium alloy
  • Lengthscale-dependent modelling of ductile failure in metallic microstructures
  • The effect of atomic force microscope probe size on indentation tests simulated using realistic surface forces
  • Approach on thermoelectricity reliability of board-level backplane based on the orthogonal experiment design
  • On the relationship of microstructure properties of asphalt mixtures to their constitutive behaviour
  • On the differences of dynamic localisations between different types of metals
  • Dynamic properties analysis and test of SMT printed circuit board assembly
  • Dislocation-based model for predicting size-scale effects on the micro and nano indentation hardness of metallic materials
  • Modelling size effects in micro/nano-systems by including interfacial effects in a gradient plasticity framework
  • Synthesis and characterisation of sodium trititanate whisker surface Cd(II) ion-imprinted polymer and selective solid-phase extraction of cadmium

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