15 September 2010

Call for papers: Simulation Driven Product Development

A special issue of International Journal of Product Development

Following the development of microprocessors, various simulation methodologies have evolved in product development. One such simulation methodology, simulation driven design (SDD), aims at arriving at optimal solutions as fast as possible, often while managing multiple and conflicting design criteria. Although industries have adopted parts of the SDD concept, there is still a lot of research needed in order to make use of its full potential.

This special issue aims to highlight the importance of the simulation driven product development area by attracting and presenting original research on the topic.

Manuscripts are invited from both practitioners and researchers and papers can be either purely theoretical, state of the art reviews, or based on empirical research. This issue encourages submissions from all over the world that expand the frontiers of the fundamental theories and concepts underlying simulation driven product development.

The readership for this special issue is intended to be engineers and academics working in university research and design departments and institutes, managers, designers, technologists, research and development engineers working in industry.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Simulation driven design
  • Modelling and simulation in product development
  • Modelling and simulation in decision support systems
  • Information and communication technologies in product development
  • System level product development
  • Virtual and collaborative product development
  • Virtual prototyping and virtual tests (computer simulation)
  • Fast and lean validation
  • Design optimisation
  • Quality, reliability and durability in product design and development
  • Standards for product, process and project data exchange
  • Integration methodologies
  • Knowledge management in product design and development processes
Important Dates
Proposition deadline (title, authors. 5-line description): 15 December 2010
Full manuscript submission: 15 June 2011

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