6 May 2010

Special issue:The future of feelings virtual and visceral: news from practitioners: Part II

International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion 3(3) 2010

More papers from the 2nd International Emotions Conference held in Guildford, Surrey, UK, 13 June 2008.

See also International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion 3(2) 2009

Mapping emotions and emotional well being
  • Getting it right': an ethnographic study on how palliative care nurses discuss death
  • Be tough, never let them see what it does to you'': towards an understanding of the emotional lives of economic migrants
  • Perspectives on emotional labour and bullying: reviewing the role of emotions in nursing and healthcare
  • Now we're talking!' Scripting masculinity and emotionality in everyday life
Specialist practice: The emotional landscape of midwifery
  • Mapping the emotional terrain of midwifery: What can we see and what lies ahead?
  • 'Switching and swapping faces': performativity and emotion in midwifery
Specialist practice: Dementia and emotions
  • Using attachment theory to improve the care of people with dementia
  • Forms of empathy of care home staff working with older people

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