7 September 2009

Special issue: Intelligent decision support systems for collaborative design and manufacturing

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 36(3/4) 2009
  • A study on multidisciplinary collaborative optimisation based on an improved PSO
  • Robust decision and optimisation for collaborative parameter design
  • Efficient multi-objective genetic algorithm for hardware-software partitioning in embedded system design: ENGA
  • Relevance vector machines based modelling and optimisation for collaborative control parameter design: a case study
  • Orchestration support for request management in collaborative company networks
  • Modelling workflows and collaboration in virtual supply chains with nested modular Petri nets
  • Performance analysis of multi-echelon supply chain network through new DSS optimiser
  • Decision support under uncertainties based on robust Bayesian networks in reverse logistics management
  • Modelling interactions to support and manage collaborative decision-making processes in design situations
  • A systems approach to supporting decisions for the product to service shift
  • An agent-based system approach to fixture design
  • Modelling autonomic and dynamic trust decision-making mechanism for large-scale open environments

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