10 September 2009

Call for papers: Challenges of Triple Helix Nexus in Managing Science Parks and Innovation Centers to Foster High-Tech Start-Ups

A special issue of International Journal of Technoentrepreneurship

Science parks and innovation centers are currently seen as development models for the growth of high-tech start-ups based upon partnerships between universities, research institutions and industries. Many governments have placed increasing emphasis on programme initiatives to support small high-tech firms. However, the science parks and innovation centers in many countries have proved to be not as successful as expected. Whilst the importance of science parks and innovation centers for economic development is widely acknowledged, value creation and technology commercialization are seen as vital for a further step of redesigning effective incubation of innovation. Reforming science parks and innovation centers is critical to nurture high-growth start-up enterprises in transition conditions for entrepreneurship.

In this special issue, we will focus on how to turn science parks and innovation centers into a generator of new enterprises and the challenge of the new innovation system to accelerate innovation commercialisation according to the Triple Helix Model. We also encourage contributions that analyse the role of government initiatives to manage this incubator organisation to underpin R&D activities, encourage technology transfer and commercialization. This issue brings together academics, practitioners, researchers, and aims to deliver a reference edition for all those interested in the governance structure of Triple Helix in the redesign of effective innovation incubation.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • The challenging role of science parks and innovation centers in supporting small high tech firms
  • Performance of science parks and innovation centers in terms of university-industry interactions
  • Policies for promoting Triple Helix linkages
  • New public policies in support of technological innovations
  • Technolopolis for high-tech new ventures' creation and development
  • Corporate venturing in high-tech business
Important Dates
Paper submission deadline: 15 August 2010
Notification to Authors: 15 January 2011

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