2 May 2007

Special issue: High performance computing systems and applications

International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking 6(4/5) 2006 is a special issue: High performance computing systems and applications, containing revised and extended versions of selected presentations from the 18th annual International Symposium on High Performance Computing Systems and Applications (HPCS 2004), Winnipeg, Canada, 16-19 May 2004.

Article titles:

* Performance evaluation of the Sun Fire Link SMP clusters
* On the performance of parallel implementations of an ADI scheme for parabolic PDEs on shared and distributed memory systems
* Performance evaluation for neutron transport application using message passing
* Queuing algorithm for speculative Network Processors
* Communication issues within high performance computing grids
* Adaptive time/space sharing with SCOJO
* Performance assessment of four cluster interconnects on identical hardware: hints for cluster builders
* Solving the Dynamic Plant Layout Problem using a new hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm
MPI scalability of a large memory LES code
* A new fast parallel statistical measurement technique for computational cosmology
* A second order L0 stable algorithm for evaluating European options
* A parallel quasi-Monte Carlo approach to pricing multidimensional American options
* A multi-dimensional Interval Reduction test
* Fuzzy control for guaranteeing absolute delays in web servers
* Real-time minimum vertex cover for two-terminal series-parallel graphs
* Protecting information infrastructure from DDoS attacks by MADF

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