7 November 2019

Special issue published: "Recent Advances in Electrical Systems"

International Journal of Digital Signals and Smart Systems 3(1/2/3) 2019

  • Intelligent SVM technique of a multi-level inverter for a DFIG-based wind turbine system
  • Effects of temperature on the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness under a plane wave excitation
  • PID controller compared with dynamic matrix control applied on disturbed complex system
  • Novel voltage-based PV MPPT controller
  • Direct torque control of induction machine drive based on sliding mode controller and a stator resistance compensator with a new hybrid observer
  • Diagnosis inverter-fed induction motor fault at low load conditions by using demodulation Teager-Kaiser energy operator based on stator current
  • Pattern recognition-based fault detection of a PM synchronous motor under stator winding short circuit faults
  • Regrouping of acoustics microwaves in piezoelectric material (ZnO) by SVM classifier
  • MRAS speed observer for sensorless adaptive intelligent backstepping controller of induction machines
  • Optimal digital PID controller design for regulating blood glucose level of type-I diabetic patients
  • Delay dependent stability analysis of Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy time-delays system
Additional paper
  • Home energy management based on plug-in electric vehicle power control in a residential smart grid

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