19 November 2019

Special issue published: "Data-Driven Modelling and Intelligent Computation"

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 32(3/4) 2019

  • Parameter estimation algorithm for d-step time delay systems
  • Sensor fault signal reconstruction based on sliding mode observer for flight control systems
  • The gradient and the Newton iterative modelling methods for an operational amplifier circuit
  • Steady flight of miniature fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle flocking by using biological algorithm
  • Modelling arterial blood pressure waveforms for extreme bradycardia and tachycardia by curve fitting with Gaussian functions
  • Research on reconfigurable control for a hovering PVTOL aircraft
  • Intelligent detection method for tapping omitting of internal thread based on computer vision
  • Online soft sensing method based on improved weighted Gaussian model
  • Recursive least squares algorithm and stochastic gradient algorithm for feedback nonlinear equation-error systems
  • A modified model decomposition identification for bilinear-in-parameter systems
  • Multi-mode process monitoring based on multi-block information extraction PCA method with local neighbourhood standardisation
  • Multi-innovation parameter and state estimation for multivariable state space systems
  • The investigation of an improved ultrasonic tomography reconstruction method for bubble particle identification
  • Research on passivity-based control strategy of three-phase current source inverter based on interconnection and damping assignment
  • Human behaviour recognition algorithm based on improved DMM and Fisher coding

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