25 September 2019

Special issue published: "Recent Advances in Information Security"

International Journal of Embedded Systems 11(5) 2019

  • Microcontroller design for security system: implementation of a microcontroller based on STM32F103 microchip
  • A dynamic cluster job scheduling optimisation algorithm based on data irreversibility in sensor cloud
  • Design and application of real-time network abnormal traffic detection system based on Spark Streaming
  • Big data and collective intelligence
  • DDoS attack detection based on global unbiased search strategy bee colony algorithm and artificial neural network
  • Research on profit abilities of order placement strategies in pairs trading
  • Research on borrower's credit classification of P2P network loan based on LightGBM algorithm
  • Differentially private geospatial data publication based on grid clustering
  • HighPU: a high privacy-utility approach to mining frequent itemset with differential privacy
  • Cryptanalysis of the existing integrated PKE and PEKS schemes
  • A novel HHT and KS statistic approach to detect RoQ attack in wireless sensor network
  • Research on user acceptance behaviour of mobile group intelligent sensing applications based on UTAUT
  • A design methodology for mobile and embedded applications on FPGA-based dynamic reconfigurable hardware
  • Research on modelling and scheduling strategy for mine transportation control system based on CPS

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