2 September 2019

Special issue published: "High-Performance Information Technologies for Engineering Applications"

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 19(4) 2019

  • Execution of scientific workflows on IaaS cloud by PBRR algorithm
  • Development and evaluation of the cloudlet technology within the Raspberry Pi
  • Parallel data processing approaches for effective intensive care units with internet of things
  • Study of runtime performance for Java-multithread PSO on multicore machines
  • Water contamination monitoring system based on big data: a case study
  • Arrhythmia recognition and classification through deep learning-based approach
  • A personalised ontology ranking model based on analytic hierarchy process
  • Collective intelligence value discovery based on citation of science article
  • Differential evolution with k-nearest-neighbour-based mutation operator
  • Genetic or non-genetic prognostic factors for colon cancer classification
  • A medical training system for the operation of heart-lung machine
  • Underwater image segmentation based on fast level set method
  • Using Gaussian mixture model to fix errors in SFS approach based on propagation
  • Estimation of distribution algorithms based on increment clustering for multiple optima in dynamic environments

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