5 September 2019

Special issue published: "Green Mobile Computing for Energy-Efficient Next-Generation Wireless Communication – Part II"

International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms 13(3/4) 2019

  • Adaptive multi-loop IMC-based PID controller tuning using bat optimisation algorithm for two interacting conical tank process
  • Swarm dynamics for enhanced energy aware clustering
  • Neural network-based virtual backbone tree construction and dynamic sink implementation to enhance the lifetime of the network and minimise the energy consumption
  • An adaptive low power coding scheme for the NoC
  • Severity of defect: an optimised prediction
  • High-level optimised systems design using hardware-software partitioning
  • Feature extraction using CMIM for sentiment analysis
  • Bayesian approach for brain-computer interface using feature fusion techniques
  • Power audit: an estimation model-based tool as a support for monitoring power consumption in a distributed network infrastructure
  • Nonlinear channel tracking of a high mobility wireless communication system
  • Securing ad hoc networks using energy efficient and distributed trust-based intrusion detection system
  • Contribution to radio resource distribution approach in wireless cellular software defined networking

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