17 October 2017

Special issue published: "Trade, Capital Structure and Currency Values: A Cross-Disciplinary Review"

International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance 10(3/4) 2017
  • A study on analysis of the determinants of capital structure with special focus on automobile sector of India
  • Debt or equity? Optimal capital structure in Indonesia's construction sector companies listed in Indonesia stock exchange (IDX)
  • Predicting the financial distress of Indonesian manufacturing companies: an application of the multinomial logit model
  • The influence of accounting education on the prospects of becoming a member of the chartered accountant profession: opportunities, challenges and expectations of Indonesia towards the ASEAN economic community
  • The effect of corporate governance's application on banks' performance: empirical study of banks listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange
  • Implementation of corporate governance and mandatory disclosure in the Indonesian banking sector: good news or bad news
  • An analysis on financial and social performance of Islamic banks in Indonesia
  • Market timing and stock selection performance of mutual fund in bull and bear market condition
  • Ownership structures and productivity in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Safe harbours for intra-group loans in Eurozone: experience from selected countries
  • Analysis of short- and long-run interactions between real exchange rate and private domestic investment in South Africa
  • Labour mobility in the European Union: What can ASEAN learn?
Additional papers
  • Does inflation targeting lower inflation? If yes, then when?
  • The effects of interest rates, stock prices and trading day to the duration of daily exchange rate pattern: using survival analysis

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