13 October 2017

Special issue published: "Energy, Transportation and Global Warming"

International Journal of Global Warming 13(3/4) 2017
  • Environmental impact assessment of renewables and conventional fuels for different end use purposes
  • Experimental investigation to reduce CO2 emission in a single cylinder CI engine using low carbon fuel blend with Karanja oil methyl ester and amine injection in the exhaust manifold
  • An environmental and economic evaluation of the lignite power generation system by using the life cycle analysis principles
  • Analysis of the start-up and variable load operation of a combined cycle power plant for off-grid mines
  • Industrial waste materials and naturally occurring minerals as inexpensive oxygen carriers for chemical looping combustion
  • Transport sector adaptation: actions and prospects
  • The driving factors of CO2 emissions from electricity generation in Greece: an index decomposition analysis
  • Exploring possible impacts of sea level rise: the case of Izmir, Turkey
  • Potential impact of global warming on whiting in a semi-enclosed gulf
  • Potential economic and environmental benefits from the interconnection of the Greek islands
  • Smart hybrid renewable microgeneration system for residential applications
  • Residual lipids incorporation in a petroleum refinery

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