12 November 2015

Special issue published: "Nature-Inspired Algorithms: Theory and Applications"

International Journal of Innovative Computing and Applications 6(3/4) 2015
  • An optimisation method for urban artery coordinated control based on the cosine modified adaptive genetic algorithm
  • Multi-strategy ensemble artificial bee colony algorithm for large-scale production scheduling problem
  • rEDA: reverse estimation of distribution algorithm for classification
  • Particle swarm optimisation-based KNN for improving KNN and ensemble classification performance
  • An efficient clustering method for mobile users based on hybrid PSO and ABC
  • Bat algorithm with oscillation element
  • Bio-inspired algorithms for cloud computing: a review
  • A fuzzy DEMATEL approach based on intuitionistic fuzzy information for evaluating knowledge transfer effectiveness in GSD projects
  • An adaptive transpose measurement matrix algorithm for signal reconstruction in compressed sensing
Additional papers
  • Genetic and backtracking search optimisation algorithms applied to localisation problems
  • A differential evolution-based memetic algorithm for project

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