6 November 2015

Special issue published: "Awareness in Sensor Networks"

International Journal of Sensor Networks 19(3/4) 2015
  • On human mobility assisted data collection in wireless sensor networks
  • An energy-balanced self-deployment algorithm based on virtual force for mobile sensor networks
  • A square-based coverage and connectivity probability model for WSNs
  • Biquaternion Capon beamformer using four-component vector-sensor arrays
  • A 3D localisation method for searching survivors/corpses based on WSN and Kalman filter
  • Particle filter based device free localisation and tracking for large scale wireless sensor networks
  • An indoor location system based on neural network and genetic algorithm
  • OTSP: an optimised time synchronisation protocol for wireless sensor networks
Additional papers
  • A realistic and real-time watercolour painting engine using domain decomposition scheme
  • Distributed clustering protocol for wireless sensor network
  • Modular remote reprogramming of sensor nodes

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