23 November 2015

Special issue: "Electrified Vehicles and Transportation Systems"

International Journal of Vehicle Design 69(1/2/3/4) 2015

  • Direct yaw moment control for electric and hybrid vehicles with independent motors
  • Vehicle stability and attitude improvement through the coordinated control of longitudinal, lateral and vertical tyre forces for electric vehicles
  • A ZCS buck excitation converter for electric vehicle with wound rotor synchronous motors
  • Thermal modelling for permanent magnet synchronous motors based on electrical and thermal characteristics
  • Stochastic dynamic programming for the energy management of a serial hybrid electric bus
  • Analysis and comparison of optimal power management strategies for a series plug-in hybrid school bus via dynamic programming
  • Development of an optimal control system for longitudinal and lateral stability of an individual eight-wheel-drive electric vehicle
  • Self-organising map based classification of LiFePO4 cells for battery pack in EVs
  • Multiple model adaptive backstepping control for antilock braking system based on LuGre dynamic tyre model
  • Design of dual winding permanent magnet synchronous machines for hybrid electric vehicle accessory drives
  • A heuristic-based electricity trade coordination for microgrid-level V2G services
  • Performance analysis of high-frequency isolated dual half-bridge three-level bidirectional DC/DC converter with dual-phase-shifting control
  • Design and optimisation of interior PM machines with distributed and fractional-slot concentrated-windings for hybrid electric vehicles
  • Multi-speed torque coupler of hybrid electric vehicle to exploit energy reduction potential
  • Design and analysis of plug-in hybrid electric school bus
  • Experimentations on the adaptive sliding mode control for a trajectory tracking applied on a bi-steerable car
  • Robust guaranteed cost state-delayed control of yaw stability for four-wheel-independent-drive electric vehicles with active front steering system
  • Electric drive system control strategies of articulated vehicles with four motor-driven wheels

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