20 March 2019

Research pick: Storming cloud storage security - "An identity-based cryptographic scheme for cloud storage applications"

Storing one’s personal or company data on remote storage systems “in the cloud” is an increasingly popular way to reduce internal computing costs and to provide all the securities of off-site backup without having to deal with encryption and data limits in-house. A team from Tunisia has now looked at an identity-based cryptographic scheme that cloud computing providers might employer to make that data even more secure.

Manel Medhioub of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of Sfax, ESPRIT School of Engineering, Sfax and Mohamed Hamdi of the School of Communication Engineering (Sup’Com), Ariana provide details in the International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing. They point out that while cloud computing and remote storage systems have many advantages there is always the issue of outsourcing one’s data to a third party in terms of critical security, confidentiality, integrity, authentication, anonymity, and resiliency.

The team’s approach to addressing that issue lies in an ID-based authentication approach in which the cloud tenant is assigned a private key generator function, technically the IBC-Private Key Generator (PKG) function, which is certificate free and so removes one of the possible entry points for a malicious third party. The tenant can then use this to issue public elements to each of its users but keep confidential and private from the provider the resulting IBC secrets. The team suggests that their approach might be used by a popular cloud storage service, such as Dropbox.

Medhioub, M. and Hamdi, M. (2019) ‘An identity-based cryptographic scheme for cloud storage applications’, Int. J. Grid and Utility Computing, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp.93–104.

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