1 March 2019

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Trade and Global Markets

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Trade and Global Markets are now available here for free:
  • The effect of environmental performance and disclosure on financial performance
  • Perception of contractual risk allocation in the oil and gas contracts in Malaysia
  • The relationship between competitive advantage and the value relevance of accounting information
  • The critical factors of research and innovation creation in public universities in Thailand
  • The penetration of business excellence model approach and interconnection with corporate social responsibility in emerging country: a case study in the Czech Republic
  • Analysis of marketing strategies and competitive advantages of two producers special foods in Garut
  • Determinants of adoption of mobile banking: evidence from rural Karnataka in India
  • Constructed interpretation of tax compliance through the historicity, rationality, and actuality of Pancasila (cases in Indonesia)
  • Analysis of ESOP implementation determinants at companies in Indonesia
  • Determinants of momentum strategy and return in short time horizon: case in Indonesian stock market
  • Operating the impossible trinity before and after the global financial crisis 2007-2008: evidence in Vietnam
  • Influence of personality on impulsive buying behaviour among Indonesian young consumers
  • Corporate governance and social disclosure: a comparative study of listed hospitality industries in South East Asia
  • Identification of the connection between tourism demand and economic growth in ASEAN-3
  • Does export promotion policy benefit for ASEAN economic development?

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