5 October 2018

Special issue published: "Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing – Part I"

International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering 7(3/4) 2018
  • Simulation investigation of temperature distribution in large aluminium panel during autoclave age forming process
  • Plastic deformation and microstructure evolution of bearing ring blank during cold rolling process
  • The austenitic peak stress model of low alloy steel at elevated temperature based on the valence electron theory
  • Hot deformation behaviour and Hansel-Spittel constitutive model of Cr5 alloy for heavy backup roll
  • Microstructures evolution and mechanical properties of 5052 aluminium alloy processed by constrained groove pressing
  • Numerical simulation of residual stress in low temperature colossal carburised layer on austenitic stainless steel
  • Evaluation of ductile fracture model in bulk forming
  • Simulation of the bite condition of AZ31 sheet rolling
  • Thermo-mechanical analysis in SAE-AISI 1524 carbon steel gas tungsten arc welds

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