7 October 2018

Special issue published: "Exploring Emerging Verticals in the Future of Wireless Technology"

International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations 19(2/3/4) 2018
  • A full-featured efficient clustering mechanism for improving QoS in MANETs
  • ASD: emotions and behavioural-based interventions through social sensor networks
  • Malicious node identification routing and protection mechanism for vehicular ad-hoc network against various attacks
  • Relay node selection with energy efficient routing using hidden Markov model in wireless sensor networks
  • Network lifetime estimation of wireless sensor networks using communication protocols with non-parametric models
  • Combined vibration and RF harvester technique for energy management in sensor device
  • DTCF: deadline task consolidation first for energy minimisation in cloud data centres
  • SIP-based VoIP anomaly detection engine using DTV and ONR
  • Classifying the malware application in the Android-based smart phones using ensemble-ANFIS algorithm
  • Hybrid model for enhancement of passenger information management system
  • Energy-based efficient authenticated routing protocol for MANETs for DDOS attacks with minimised power consumption
  • Energy aware clustered load balancing in cloud computing environment
  • Semantic clustering approach for documents in distributed system framework with multi-node setup
  • Research on the intellectual traffic flow control system based on multi-agent along with self-governing vehicle and system of wireless sensor network
  • A novel framework for very high resolution remote sensing image change detection
  • Certain investigations on effective rate adaptation in cognitive radio with channel characteristics
  • A secure communication over wireless sensor devices using intelligent arrival estimation algorithm

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