4 October 2018

Special issue published: "Advances in Mechanical Engineering Research"

International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology 10(6) 2018
  • A hybrid crow search algorithm to minimise the weighted sum of makespan and total flow time in a flow shop environment
  • Dynamic analysis of composite propeller of ship using FEA
  • Influence study of manufacturing constraints and percentage of reinforcement on copper - fly ash composite by full factorial design
  • Preparation, characterisation and machining of LaPO4-Y2O3 composite by abrasive water jet machine
  • A short review on fretting wear behaviour of Al7075
  • Characteristic study on Al7020 friction stir joints with various rotational speeds
  • Effect of turbo A/R ratio on a high speed turbocharged automotive diesel engine
  • Additional papers
  • Unevenness measurement using the support vector machine and dynamic multiservice load balancing with modified genetic algorithm in cloud-based multimedia system
  • Numerical simulation: controlling light emitting diodes from MATLAB

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