27 February 2018

Special issue published: "Bioscience and Computational Methods"

International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology 26(3/4) 2018
  • Novel energy efficient predictive link quality based reliable routing for wireless multimedia bio-sensor networks in bio-medical invention research and bionic utilities monitoring application
  • An intelligent technique for uniquely recognising face and finger image using learning vector quantisation (LVQ)-based template key generation
  • Identity and access management as a service in e-healthcare cloud
  • Dual tree complex wavelet transform incorporating SVD and bilateral filter for image denoising
  • Tri-texture feature extraction and region growing-level set segmentation in breast cancer diagnosis
  • Denoising of images using principal component analysis and undecimated dual tree complex wavelet transform
  • Pharmacovigilance predictive analysis using NLP-based cloud
  • Burst communication by using self-adaptive buffer allocation with energy-efficient in-body sensor networks
  • Biclustering of gene expression data using biclustering iterative signature algorithm and biclustering coherent column
  • Automatic glioblastoma multiforme detection using hybrid-SVM with improved particle swarm optimisation
  • Quantifying speech signal of deaf speakers with territory specific utterances to understand the acoustic characteristics
  • Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for classification of mammographic image using electromagnetism-like optimisation
  • An enhanced filtering-based approach to approximate volumetric ambient occlusion

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