3 February 2018

Special issue published: "5th International Workshop on Nanotechnology and Applications (IWNA)"

International Journal of Nanotechnology 15(1/2/3) 2018
  • A RFID-based wireless NH3 gas detector using spin coated carbon nanotubes as sensitive layer
  • Z-axis tuning fork gyroscope having a controlled anti-phase and freestanding architecture: design and fabrication
  • Fluidic platform with embedded differential capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detector for micro-object sensing
  • Filtration of circulating tumour cells MCF-7 in whole blood using non-modified and modified silicon nitride microsieves
  • Recent advances in the development of micropumps, microvalves and micromixers and the integration of carbon electrodes on centrifugal microfluidic platforms
  • Effect of ultraviolet/ozone treatment on the structural and electrical properties of solution-processed piezoelectric thick-film lead-zirconium-titanate
  • One-step hydrothermal synthesis of titanium dioxide decorated on reduced graphene oxide for dye-sensitised solar cells application
  • Reduction of isotropic etch for silicon nanowires created by metal assisted deep reactive ion etching
  • Synthesis of zinc oxide/graphene oxide nanocomposite material for antibacterial application
  • Synthesis of Ag nano/TiO2 by γ-irradiation and optimisation of photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B
  • Effect of the seed particles and reductants on the formation of nanosized gold colloid
  • Process characterisation of deep reactive ion etching for microfluidic application
  • 3D laser lithographic fabrication of hollow microneedle mimicking mosquitos and its characterisation
  • Thermosensitive heparin-Pluronic® copolymer as effective dual anticancer drugs delivery system for combination cancer therapy
  • Polymeric chitosan based nanogels as a potential platform for dual targeted drug delivery in cancer therapy
  • Improving gold nanowire-based biosensor sensitivity by changing probe design
  • Application of silicon nanowire for detection and quantitative analysis of alpha-fetoprotein biomarker
  • A versatile approach to synthesise optically active hierarchical ZnS/ZnO heterostructures
  • Microstructure and total oxidising capacity for m-xylene of La1-xCaxCoO3 nanoparticles synthesised by combustion method

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