8 September 2017

Special issue published: "A Synthesis of Innovative Skills and Competences to Tackle Current Entrepreneurial Challenges"

World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development 13(5/6) 2017
  • Three official languages in multicultural Luxembourg
  • Chinese direct investments in Germany: threat or opportunity for the German part of the merger or acquisition
  • Old, new and third wine regions: a consumer perspective
  • What image for ethical food?
  • Spillover effects of research and development activity on the economic growth and exports of the Group 20 
  • The role of public-private partnerships in developing open social innovation: the case of GoogleGlass4Lis
  • The organisational impact of SaaS adoption on CRM applications
  • Management control practices and benefits: evidence from Italian family and non-family firms
  • Teaching in virtual environments to enhance intercultural understanding between Germans and Peruvians
  • Tourism destination management in sustainability development perspective, the role of entrepreneurship and networking ability: Tourist Kit
  • Integrated management of the PGI 'Matera' Bread chain
  • ExperimentaLab: a tool for the entrepreneurial university
  • Early internationalising firms: the age effect on entrepreneurial behaviour

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