30 August 2012

Special issue: The future of the Euro: is the Euroland an optimum currency area?

International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance 5(2) 2012
  • Repairing the original sin of the European Monetary Union
  • Reassessment of the OCA criteria in the Euro area: the case of Greece
  • POptimal stabilisation policy in a monetary union: implications of the Mankiw-Weinzierl model
  • Implicit Taylor reaction functions for Euro area countries
  • The effect of inter-country competition on interest rate pass-through in the European Union
  • Stock market, economic growth and EU accession: evidence from three CEECs
  • Egypt-EU commodity trade and the J-Curve
  • Convergence and clustering of Tier 1 capital in the European banking sector: a non-linear factor approach

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