19 June 2012

Special issue: Innovations in manufacturing and logistics systems for mass customisation

International Journal of Mass Customisation 4(3/4) 2012
  • Leading practices for design-to-cost of mass customisable products
  • Risk-related situational involvement and enduring involvement as indicators for configuration customer confusion
  • Designing modular manufacturing systems using mass customisation theories and methods
  • Cost efficient mass customisation with a web-based manufacturing execution system
  • Configuration of ad hoc multimodal logistic networks: approach and technological framework
  • A multi-criteria approach for sustainable mass customisation in the fashion supply chain
  • A case of cost estimation in an engineer-to-order company moving towards mass customisation
  • Aligning flexibility in the supply chain for coping with supply-side risks to ensure mass customisation

1 comment:

Pete Hope said...

Looks like an interesting journal, might have to give it read and see how it relates to fashion logistics.