29 June 2021

Special issue published: "Recent Advances in Motion Control for Unmanned Marine Vehicles"

International Journal of Vehicle Design 84(1/2/3/4) 2020

  • Research on motion control of an autonomic launch and recovery device for unmanned surface vehicle
  • Three-dimensional trajectory tracking control of underactuated autonomous underwater vehicles
  • Formation control for underactuated unmanned surface vehicles based on consistency theory and leader-follower mode
  • Finite-time tracking control of underactuated surface vehicle with tracking error constraints
  • Network-based global H∞ pinning synchronisation for unmanned marine vehicles subject to disturbances
  • Network-based sampled-data control for unmanned marine vehicles with dynamic positioning system
  • Trajectory tracking of underactuated unmanned surface vehicle with uncertain external disturbances and model parameters
  • State observer-based adaptive fuzzy backstepping point stabilisation control of underactuated unmanned surface vehicles with input constraints
  • High-gain-observer based adaptive output-feedback formation control for underactuated unmanned surface vessels with input saturation and uncertainties
  • 3D trajectory tracking control of an underactuated AUV based on adaptive neural network dynamic surface
  • Investigating capacity degradation of LiFePO4 battery for electric vehicles under different overcharge conditions
  • Motion reliability evaluation of six-axes robot based on non-probability interval theory

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