4 June 2021

Special issue published: "Innovative Computational Intelligence for Deep Learning and Knowledge Acquisition" (includes open access article)

International Journal of Computational Intelligence Studies 10(2/3) 2021

  • Code completion for programming education based on deep learning [FREE OPEN ACCES ARTICLE]
  • Multi-objective optimisation of allocations and locations of incineration facilities with Voronoi diagram and genetic algorithm: case study of Hiroshima City and Aki County
  • Efficient parameter-free adaptive penalty method with balancing the objective function value and the constraint violation
  • Detecting audio adversarial examples for protecting speech-to-text transcription neural networks
  • Using term similarity measures for classifying short document data
  • A video prediction method by using long short-term memory-based adaptive structural learning of deep belief network and its investigation of input sequence length for data structure

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