17 February 2020

Special issue published: "Multimedia Information Security Solutions on Social Networks"

International Journal of Information and Computer Security 12(2/3) 2020

  • A secured modular exponentiation for RSA and CRT-RSA with dual blinding to resist power analysis attacks
  • Eight neighbour bits swap encryption-based image steganography using arithmetic progression technique
  • Nested context-aware sanitisation and feature injection in clustered templates of JavaScript worms on the cloud-based OSN
  • Fault prediction for distributed computing Hadoop clusters using real-time higher order differential inputs to SVM: Zedacross
  • A coupled map lattice-based image encryption approach using DNA and bi-objective genetic algorithm
  • Securing wireless sensor networks from node clone attack: a lightweight message authentication algorithm
  • Blind noise estimation-based CT image denoising in tetrolet domain
  • A hybrid generative-discriminative model for abnormal event detection in surveillance video scenes
  • Scrutinising internet banking security solutions
  • Fake profile detection in multimedia big data on online social networks
  • Unconstrained face recognition using deep convolution neural network
  • CSL: FPGA implementation of lightweight block cipher for power-constrained devices

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