11 October 2008

Special issue: Next generation learning environments: models, technologies and tools

International Journal of Knowledge and Learning 4(2/3) 2008

Section 1: eLearning: pedagogical approaches, learner models, environment and technologies
  • Evaluating innovation in higher education teaching and learning to improve quality: an experience of blended learning at the Universita Roma Tre
  • Teaching interpolation techniques with a numerical tool
  • Solids by revolution: materialising an idea
  • Protocols for building an organic chemical ontology
  • A blended mobile learning experience: the Nomadis case
  • Activity- and taxonomy-based knowledge representation framework
  • Building the EnCOrE dictionary collaboratively: strategy and practice
  • The different typologies of assessment for the VSE method's macro phases
Section 2: Grid technologies: applications and interfaces
  • The ELeGI notification service: its implementation and a case study
  • Authoring of GRID-based virtual scientific experiments
  • ELeGI as enabling architecture for e-learning 2.0
  • Satellite-enabled educational services specification and requirements analysis based on user feedback
  • Large-scale deployment of distance education in computer science at the Hellenic Open University
  • (Semantic web) services for e-learning

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