9 June 2006

Call for papers: Special issue on “Simulation and Analysis on Durability Loads and Ride Comfort in Vehicle Development”

International Journal of Vehicle Design (IJVD)

Call for papers: Special Issue on: “Simulation and Analysis on Durability Loads and Ride Comfort in Vehicle Development”

This Special Issue will focus on new research and development techniques and their applications in vehicle durability loads and ride dynamics.

General areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Tyre modelling techniques and effective road profile development for vehicle road load simulation and ride dynamics.
  • Modelling techniques for rigid multi-body and flexible multi-body with FEA in vehicle loads simulation and ride dynamics.
  • Evaluation criteria development for vehicle durability and ride comfort.
  • Loads predication and analysis for vehicle components and subsystems.
  • Optimal design of elastomeric parameters of tire, suspension, powertrain mount, seat and frame/body mount for vehicle durability and ride.
  • Techniques to minimise the effect of pitching, beaming, shaking, impact harshness, brake judder and any other phenomena on driver ride and goods damage, etc.
  • Road test simulator techniques in components, subsystems, full vehicle testing, evaluation and ride optimisation.
  • Techniques of instrumentation, road load data acquisition, data analysis, drive file development for vehicle durability and ride.
  • Study and improvement of the correlation between analytical simulation and road/laboratory testing on loads, strain, displacement, velocity, acceleration, fatigue, etc.
  • Techniques of test schedule design for accelerated vehicle proving ground testing, laboratory testing and analytical simulation to correlate customer usage.

For more information, notes for intending authors, submission dates and contact information, see the Call for papers website.

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