12 December 2007

Call for papers: Software Agents in e-Business: Concepts, Development and Applications

Call for papers: Software Agents in e-Business: Concepts, Development and Applications

A special issue of International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering

The main achievements of software agent technology include frameworks and platforms based on standardised languages and architectures for agent systems development. Implemented software agents are claimed to have attractive features such as adaptivity, intelligence, autonomy and mobility.

Modern e-business systems pose difficult problems concerning cost reduction, profitability and efficiency improvement, interoperability and decision-making, thus making them a fertile and rich real-world environment for the application and experimentation of software agents. Difficult research challenges involve the adaptation of relevant software agent technologies, development methodologies and tools to meet the tight requirements of modern e-business.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
**Software agent engineering, including
  • models
  • methodologies
  • architectures
  • frameworks
  • application protocols
**Software agent evaluation and testing, benchmarking and performances
**Software agent applications in relevant areas of modern e-business, including but not limited to
  • trading
  • e-commerce
  • negotiation and contracting
  • business process management
  • marketing management
  • resource management
Important Dates
Manuscript due: 31 March, 2008
First Notification: 1 June, 2008
Second Notification: 1 September, 2008
Final manuscript due: 30 October, 2008


Unknown said...

My name is Nick Matteucci and I co-founded http://www.VCSonline.com years ago for web-based project, resource, and portfolio management because I was frustrated with alternatives offered to CIOs. They look great during the demos but in practice are far too complex, expensive, and cumbersome for the people who were trying to collaborate, manage portfolios, and get their hands around resource capacity planning (and NOT just satisfy ridiculous management reporting requirements).

I would be interested in talking (in abstract terms) what our research has shown that CIOs are really looking for from project and portfolio management vendors but have a few questions I would like to ask:

1) If we publish, who holds copyright over the published work? How can it be used?
2) What is the target length and format for the document? Can I review some examples?
3) Is there a presentation that will be given along with the paper or just publishing?
4) Where will it be published and who will have access to it?

Sadly, we have logged hundreds of competitor hours and IPs on our website and have seen a lot of our IP get lifted. We would just want to know going in how this would work.

This has been our life's work and we have a lot of qualitative, quantitative, and wisdom to share for the right opportunity.

Thank you in advance for any details you can share.

Best Regards,

Nick Matteucci
Partner and Co-Founder VCSonline.com
VPMi = Simple + Sensible + Supportable Web 2.0 Project Management

Anonymous said...

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